Building Climate Resilience

Working with the ACT Government to help homeowners build more resilient homes and communities

For most people, designing and building a house is an overwhelming process, especially now that our homes need to withstand the extreme weather events caused by climate change. The ACT Government, through its Suburban Land Agency, wants to make the journey to climate resilience and sustainability as straightforward and accessible as possible.

To help achieve this vision, we worked with them to create Your Resilient Home Guide: a practical handbook that gives homeowners the knowledge and confidence to make their home more climate resilient.

Straightforward support

Climate resilient homes are safer, healthier and more comfortable to live in. They are also more sustainable and cost less to heat, cool and maintain. But, for an average homeowner, all of the technical systems, complex regulations and abstract architectural concepts are intimidating and confusing.

From start to finish, we worked closely with the guide’s expert authors, architects Caitlin McGee and Kerryn Wilmot from the Institute for Sustainable Futures. Together, we developed a guide that communicates information in a straightforward, reassuring and encouraging way.

Layering information

To help readers understand the impacts of climate change and how they could be affected, we designed a system of symbols that depict extreme events and the threats associated with them.

To make relevant information easier to find, we designed a graphical reference system that clearly guides readers to useful resources.

And to make the guide feel less technical and more relatable, we designed a cast of characters who share their concerns, experience and knowledge.

Ready to build a better future

The result of these design choices is a guide that speaks directly to homeowners, offering them encouragement, advice and support to build climate resilient homes and communities. Through thoughtful design, this guide empowers readers to build better futures.